Our goal is to provide outstanding detailing
services at affordable prices


We use quality products from variable supply chains that strives in customer satisfactory and futuristic formulas. The deliverance of such products that competes with the best. All our products are formulated specifically for each area’s car wash needs therefore we’re able to get your car the cleanest based on a region’s bugs, pollen, salt, or whatever the road might throw at your vehicle. Our soul purpose and goal is to provide outstanding services at affordable prices.

We also service Rv’s, haulers, motorcycle, boats, jet ski, Semi trucks etc.

Master Wash

Hand washed with high float emulsion soap, All bug, Door jams & Gas compartments cleaned, Ashtrays & cup holders cleaned, Streak-free Spotless windows & mirrors, Wheel wells completely cleaned, Interior & trunk vacuumed thoroughly, Rim & tires dressed 360 Air freshener
Prices may vary on size and condition of vehicle.
Starting at $34.99+tax
(Spray Wax) $44.99+tax

Wax Master (exterior & interior detail)
High gloss protected wax
Starting at:
$59.99+tax (sealant wax)

(Master Wash included)

Clay Bar (wax & interior detailing included)
Starting at $99.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Seat Treatment Master
(exterior & interior detailing included)
Shampoo, steam cleaned seats
Starting at: $64.99+tax
Leather seat & treatment $69.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Master Detail
Wash, wax, vinyl treatment, seat treatment, carpet treatment
Starting at: $129.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Premium Master Detail
Wash, wax, vinyl treatment, seat treatment, carpet treatment, engine detail, headlight restoration
Starting at: $199.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Vinyl Master (exterior & interior included)
Cleam vinyl, ashtrays, cup holders, ac vents
Starting at $54.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Carpet Master (exterior & interior included)
Shampoo, steam clean carpet & matts removing any food or stains
Starting at $59.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

Interior Focus
Wash, wax, vinyl treatment, seat treatment, carpet treatment
Starting at: $89.99+tax
(Master Wash included)

High Speed Buffing (interior detailing included)
3 steps paint restoration and paint correction
Starting at $159.99+tax

Extra Services
Acid Bath. Chrome wheel or chrome accessories dressed headlight restoration. Engine cleaned & dressed.


We also pressure clean houses, fences, pool decks, driveways, side walks etc. call us for a quote.

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Warning: We advise you the client to secure all prized possession left in the vehicle upon our arrival, we won’t be held responsible for any missing items.

Disclaimer: While cleaning the vehicle, the doors may be left opened for no more that 5 hours depending on the type of service being performed. If your car battery happens to die in our care we’ll assist with a jump start, but we’ll not be held responsible for the battery life after.