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    Additional Services

    There are a host of additional services for the beautification as well as protection of your vehicle available with My Details Master. Engine detailing, headlight restoration, master detailing, interior focus matter, vinyl cleaning master, automobile carpet cleaning, seat treatment, wax master, master wash, etc. All these additional services can increase the life of your precious vehicle significantly.

    Additional Services That We Offer

    Other than detailing, My Detail Masters offers additional services of Motorcycle detailing, Boat Detailing, RV Detailing, Jet Ski Detailing, Oxidation Removal, Overspray Removal, Chrome/ Metal Polishing, Tar Removal, Acid Bath, Emblems & Decals Removal, Pinstripes Removal, etc. These services are for different automobiles that you have and wish to keep them looking new.

    Motorcycle Detailing

    Motorcycle detailing includes the thorough wash of the motorcycle and then a clay bar treatment and finally polishing. Additionally sealing can be done to increase the life and sheen of your vehicle.

    Boat Detailing

    Boat detailing is just like car detailing, but for boats. To keep it looking new and shiny a proper process using the right equipment is used for best results. This is a comparatively lengthy process compared to car detailing too.

    RV Detailing

    Your RV needs proper care of thorough washing, clay bar treatment for additional scratch removal, polishing the surface thereafter, and finally, the use of sealant to lock the gloss and sheen. This is the process of RV Detailing too.

    Jet Ski Detailing

    Jet Ski detailing entails the proper washing of the surface, then the use of clay bar and lubricant to take out the scratches, after this, the surface of the jet ski is polished and sealed with a good quality sealant.

    Oxidation Removal

    The automobile paint due to continuous contact with the atmosphere results in oxidation of its surface. The majority of it could be removed using the polishing compounds. Heavy oxidation requires a rubbing compound.

    Overspray Removal

    When the unwanted and drifting paint or any other substance gets on the surface of perfectly polished cars, it needs to be removed for a perfect surface. Generally, it can be removed using a clay bar by professionals, like My Detail Masters.

    Chrome/ Metal Polishing

    Chrome/metal polish cleans away the rust, corrosion, and oxidation, etc. from the surface of the vehicle. This polish can be used on automotive metal surfaces like stainless steel, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, etc.

    Tar Removal

    Tar removal is also a service offered by the My Detail Masters that requires a sticky black oil-based substance from the surface of your vehicle. If left for a long time, it can ruin the paint job and in some cases not even come out.

    Acid Bath

    Acid baths can be used on the surface of vehicles to remove the excessive above-surface contamination from them. But great care should be taken, as if the solution is much stronger than required, then it might damage the paint job of the vehicle. Thus, it should be left to the professionals.

    Emblems & Decals Removal

    The emblems and the Decals can be removed by My Details Master expertly if you so require minimum possible damage to the paint job of the vehicle. This can be done to protect the paint as well as for visual appeal or individuality.

    Pinstripes Removal

    Pinstripes are stick-on parallel stripes for decoration. If you don’t need them anymore on your vehicle, they can be removed using the professional services from My Details Master.

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