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    Automobile Ceramic Coating Jacksonville FL

    A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is used to coat the surface of the car to protect it from scratches. This coating chemically bonds with the paint of the vehicle to provide it with a layer of protection.
    Although many DIYers believe they can do a good job of ceramic coating, it is always best to rely on professionals of the caliber of My Details Master, to extend their services. This service is available with us starting at $1099.99 + tax.

    Benefits of Automobile Ceramic Coating

    The numerous advantages of the ceramic coating are-

    It protects from chemical stains because of acidic compounds, which are rising speedily in the air due to pollution.

    • It protects your vehicle from harmful UV Rays.
    • Automobile ceramic coating makes it easier to clean.
    • It provides your vehicle with amazing gloss and sheen as a finished product.
    • All in all, because of the above-mentioned benefits to ceramic coating it seems like a good enough product that makes vehicle cleaning and maintenance an easier job. But, it is not a one-stop solution for all your paint issues. Although it does come close.

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