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    Automobile Paint Correction Jacksonville FL

    My Detail Masters in Jacksonville, FL offer the best possible automobile paint correction service in the area at amazing rates thanks to discounts and offers. 

    Automobile paint correction services entail the mechanical leveling of the clear coat or paint up to a point that it is free of swirl marks and also light scratches.

    Why is paint correction needed? Due to the following reasons-

    1. Spider webbing or swirl marks
    2. Inexperienced detailers
    3. Light scratches
    4. Water spots
    5. Animal crap

    Process of automobile paint correction

    The process of paint correction includes-

      • Preparation- 

    All the surfaces of the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Then, clay and lubricant are used to scrub, then, wipe with a microfiber towel, and the required areas are taped off.

      • Leveling-

    For this process, an electric polisher, high-quality microfiber cutting pads, and cutting compounds are used. 

      • Polishing- 

    This stage requires polishing off the now dull surface of the automobile. 

      • Sealing-

    This is the last stage and includes options such as automotive wax, paint sealants, paint protection films, and nano-ceramic coatings, etc. 

    This process of paint correction  is offered by an  industry expert such as My Detail Masters in Jacksonville, FL. The price for the same starts at $399 + tax. 

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