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    Automobile Wax Master Jacksonville FL

    Let the Wax Masters at My Detail Masters protect your car’s paint with our high-finish waxing. To protect your car’s finishing, just regular washing is not enough. It needs a layer of car wax after washing and polishing for extra protection.

    Everyday use, dirt, dust, chemicals in the atmosphere, and harsh sun rays can do a lot of damage to your car’s exterior. My Details Masters helps in maintaining your car’s paint with our world-class waxing services.

    Being expert automobile wax masters in Jacksonville FL, we help in extending the life of your car’s paint. We have a pool of knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to give your vehicle an impeccable shine & finish. To keep your automobile looking good for the long haul, give us a call today!

    Why Choose Us

    We know the best ways to make your automobile look amazing and nothing short of new. When you opt for our Wax Master services which include the vehicle interiors, we use only high-quality products for your vehicle.

    Our high gloss protected Carnauba Wax starts at just $109.99 + tax and shields your automobile paint from damage. Our Paint Sealant Wax starting at $119.99 + tax creates a distinctive glass-like layer on top of the paint and provides more intense protection.

    And lastly, our Clay Bar & Wax that starts at $159.99 + tax ensures all the contaminants that can damage your car’s exterior are thoroughly removed from your car’s surface. Whatever option you choose for your automobile, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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